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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blue Jay, Whimbrel


After exploring Scoggins Valley Road at the north end of Hagg Lake I was walking back down the hill to my bike and saw a bird fly.  It was blue and had white on the tips of the tail feathers.  Fortunately it landed and I was able to get a better view, though still partially obscured by leaves, but was able to clearly see the dark necklace, blue back with white wing bar and white coloring underneath of a Blue Jay.  This was in the yard of 55449 Scoggins Valley Road which was just past the 0.5 mile mark of the road.

About 8:15AM this morning while bicycling out to Hagg Lake I passed Cedar Hills Middle School and the adjacent park that was busy with lacrosse players. However a large part of the field was unused and as I rode by I noticed two pale brown birds that appeared to be shorebirds.  I got out my binoculars and saw there were 2 Whimbrel, the first I've found "motorless."  On my return trip at 5:00PM, the two Whimbrel were still present.
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