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Saturday, July 07, 2007


6/26/07 Both Magnificent and Great Frigatebirds were at every island, and many would stay with the ship as we traveled from island to island. They would alternate soaring along with the ship with breaks perched on the wires of the ship. While soaring they would seem to magically fly at the same speed of the ship while not flapping their wings.

Telling the frigatebirds apart can be challenging. Although the Magnificent is a little larger, the difference is not enough to be helpful. With females, the white of the throat extends further toward the head on the Great. The only way to clearly distinguish the males is at the proper angle and light, the Magnficent has a purple sheen to its mantle feathers while the Great has a Green Sheen. The immature Magnificent is similar to the female except the head and breast is white. The immature Great has a washed pale orange or tawny head and breast.

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